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Mayo Mallette, an Oxford, Mississippi, law firm, focuses on general and commercial litigation, government and education law, immigration law, and real estate transactions.

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Small in size,
but not in stature.

Oxford’s renowned scholars, athletes, and artists have proven that worth can’t be measured by headcount or square footage. Likewise, we demonstrate every day that ingenuity, dedication, and experience are the basis for national recognition.


Better by Degrees.

Like its namesake, Oxford is a haven of learning and culture. Our practice is shaped by Oxford’s respect for the past and progress toward the future, and we use both as we represent academic institutions throughout Mississippi.


Most of our partners aren’t in our office.

We work with law firms throughout the country to provide localized legal expertise in a diverse range of industries, from entertainment to academics. Our knowledge and agility enable us to approach each case with individualized focus.



We thrive on the challenge of untangling complex legal problems and creating clarity out of confusion. The point where many could become fatigued or overburdened by the complexities of a case is exactly where we hit our stride.


We represent more than our clients.

We represent academics.
We represent justice.
We represent good government.
We represent Oxford.